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Would he be Kobe if he didn’t at least try and get one more.

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the answer is nomomoshizl
TRUDELL: We thought we might get a chance to talk to Kobe before the game, so several of us gathered in the locker room and this is after shoot around this morning where Kobe was taking some set shots and looking okay. We wanted to ask him about that but since Kobe didn’t get here quite on time to do that, Nick Young happened to be there to slide right into his place and I wanna say act as Kobe and really give us the stuff we needed from Swaggy P.
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Kobe Bryant: Welcome Back!

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@LakersReporter Kobe Pong.
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“Michael Jordan recently said that he believes that he could beat most guys, but he believes you’re the one guy that could get him. He believes he could LeBron one-on-one, but you might be the one guy who gets him. What do you think of that?”
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“Last time we talked, it was the last interview before the injury, you said you could play a few more years. Now how many years do you think you could play?”
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I love our 2nd unit to tell you the truth. We have a lot of fun, athletic guys that can change the tempo.
– Xavier Henry

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Lakers celebrate after their win against the Clippers

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